The girl who was destroyed when she found out Adam Levine was married, met Adam Levine

How do you think you’ll react when you meet the love of your life? What would you do if that moment happened on national TV? And how about if you were only three years old at the time?

Adorable toddler Mia had a viral meltdown when her mother told her her favorite guy, Adam Levine, was married. Naturally Ellen DeGeneres, granter of wishes and general fairy godmother to all, invited Mia and her mom on her show to talk about the adorable video and Mia’s ardent love for Levine. Ellen gave her a personalized Adam Levine outfit, fit for a super fan, and then brought out Adam Levine himself. Mia had such a huge reaction when she found out that Levin was married, that we didn’t know how to even imagine her response to meeting him IRL. Would she scream? Break down into tears of joy? Try to steal him away from his wife? Faint? How she actually responded was definitely not on our list of guesses.

Mia was completely shy in front of Levine, a far cry from her passionate viral video – but, in fairness, being in front of a studio audience of strangers is a lot already for a three year old! Mia took the pink rose Levine brought her and gave him a hug, but when he bent to pick her up and held her in the air, Mia was quick to reach for her mom. Awwwww!

Mia shyly clung to her mom while Levine told Ellen about seeing the video. He called it “heartbreaking, but kind of cute.” And yes, everyone who knows him sent him the video, Levine said. In fact, the first link to Mia’s meltdown came from his wife, who may be a supermodel, but found Mia beyond adorable!

For her part, Mia continues to insist that Levine is in fact not married.

Live your truth girl. We love you, Mia.

(Image via YouTube.)

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