When this little girl’s puppy went missing, the whole wide world pitched in to find her

Heartbreak time: A few weeks ago, 8-year-old Lexie Taylor’s puppy named Caramel was stolen right out of Lexie’s family home in Essex, England. Caramel is an adorable, teeny-tiny four-month-old chihuahua and when she was stolen Lexie was obviously heartbroken. Well, some savvy + a Facebook page + wonderful people all over the world have brought Caramel back home again. But, let’s begin at the beginning.

Earlier this month, three burglars broke into the Taylor family’s Essex home and stole everything they could get their hands on — including Caramel and the family’s other dog, Billy. A teenage boy snatched the two dogs, but dropped Billy while climbing a back fence and being chased by a neighbor. Sadly, he still got away with Caramel.

The loss of Caramel was devastating for the whole family, but most devastating to Lexie. Lexie has juvenile arthritis and her parents had brought Caramel into the family as a therapy dog for her. The hope was for Caramel to improve Lexie’s mobility and relieve Lexie of some of her other symptoms. Not only has Caramel helped with Lexie’s arthritis, Lexie and her sweet puppy have become best friends, rarely leaving each other’s side.

Here’s a sweet pic of Caramel.

Shortly after the robbery Lexie’s mom Tracy told the Telegraph, “Lexie constantly asks about Caramel from the minute she wakes up until the minute she goes to bed. We don’t know what to tell her, we’re at a loss. We’re her parents and we just want to protect her, but we feel so helpless. She just keeps crying all the time.”

Tracy explained that they can’t understand why anyone would take Caramel. “She’s such a little dog,” she said. “She was born with a tumor on her forehead and has an umbilical hernia which need urgent medical attention. She’s not a pedigree and she’s no good for breeding, we just don’t understand why anyone would take her and why no one has come forward. But she means the world to us and we just want her home.”

“Caramel and Lexie went everywhere together — they were inseparable,” Tracy continued. “Lexie has bonded with Caramel from day one. The minute she could walk she would follow Lexie everywhere. Some people will say it’s just a dog, but she’s part of our family.”

In the hopes of finding her, the family decided to start a “Find Caramel” Facebook page, asking anyone who may know any information to please help. Well social media showed their finest colors and the page took off: It was liked over 15 thousand times and shared over 12 million times across the world — all within 12 days. The family also offered a £1,000 reward for the return of the puppy.

Well do you want to hear the happiest news ever? As of today, Caramel was found and is now back home safe and uninjured. To say that Lexie is happy would be an understatement:

While the family still hasn’t shared exactly how Caramel found her way home, they did share this thank you to their new friends all across the world.

We are SO happy that Lexie and her pup are back together again! Well played, humans of the world.

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