This little girl is losing her sight, and you can help her go on an amazing “sight-seeing” adventure

Meet Cailee, a six year old girl with familial exudative vitreoretinopathy — FEVR, for short — which is causing her to lose her sight.

Diagnosed at just two years old, and already with five surgeries under her belt, Cailee’s quite the fighter. She uses a cane, works with an orientation and mobility instructor, and knows how to read Braille — but as she grows up, she’s been slowly losing her vision thanks to her condition, and one day she’ll go completely blind.

In the meantime, mom Catrina Frost has a plan: take Cailee on the ultimate sight-seeing trip to get in all the good views they can.

They’re calling it Cailee’s Sight-seeing Bucket List and it sounds absolutely amazing.

“We are building Cailee’s memory bank with as many activities as we can before she loses any more vision,” explains Catrina. “I was fortunate enough to have a very special friend who lost her vision recently explain to me that ‘it’s not dark, because of her memories her brain recalls images and [she] ‘see’ quite well’…. This made me even more determined to give [Cailee] as many experiences and make as many memories as possible.”

To date, the duo have gone to meet Princess Belle at Disneyland and see the ocean for the first time at the beach. Next up? “New York during Fashion week! The symphony would be a magical experience considering Cailee’s love for music. Cooking classes, Art classes, The Redwoods, and the best…. The hot air balloon festival in New Mexico.” These girls are dreaming big!

So how can you help?

First, by donating to Cailee’s GoFundMe page to help support her sight-seeing adventures. You can also score some Born For Battle swag to raise money for vision awareness and join the EYE am Beautiful Facebook group to support kids with visual impairment all over.

Even just $5 can go along way — and mom Catrina is already so grateful.

So what’re you waiting for? Help this amazing little girl meet her goal and stock up a lifetime’s worth of incredible, jaw-dropping memories.

You can follow Cailee’s journey at her page Cailee’s Corner for all the adorable updates.

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