Watch this badass little girl take a stand against a homophobia

While attending Comfest, a music and arts festival in Ohio over the weekend, seven-year-old Zea became a bit of a legend. The little girl was hanging out with her family when they passed some preachers and protesters holding signs and speaking against marriage equality following the SCOTUS ruling on Friday making same-sex marriage legal in all fifty states. Zea, who happened to be rocking an awesome rainbow flag, decided she was not having any of it and staged her own tiny counter-protest.

The little girl, who can be seen in the video below, silently stood in front of the men holding her rainbow flag. She didn’t back down or look away when one of them started addressing her directly, and happily gave high-fives to supporters.

“This was not a march, or a political event. The preacher was accosting festival goers, including other families with children. His rhetoric, before being confronted by a small girl, was graphic, and bigoted,” Ryan Bowling, her dad who uploaded the video to Youtube, writes in the video’s description. “He was escorted out by police a short time later.”

It takes a lot of bravery, even as an adult, to stand up for what you believe in the face of such vitriol. But Zea is an inspiration, and a reminder that sometimes all it takes to make a strong statement is standing strong. Way to go, Zea! Watch her show us why #LoveWins below.

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