This little girl had a Costco-themed birthday party, and it was the best thing ever

The act of buying things in bulk is worth celebrating, but we’re not talking about the fact that it cuts down on trips to the store to buy toilet paper. Instead we are absolutely marveling at this little girl who had a Costco-themed birthday party.

Soo, has she already developed an appreciation for those luxe beauty deals at Costco or what? That remains unclear at the moment, but she’s probably the one person who didn’t pitch a huge fit about  paying more for a Costco membership.

According to TODAY, 5-year-old Kimber Walker simply loves Costco so much that she insisted on ringing in year five with a party that reflects how much she enjoys the store, namely its pizza and samples.

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Niki said her daughter spent the last year undergoing multiple surgeries related to Chiari malformation and Sturge-Weber syndrome, both serious medical issues Kimber has dealt with since birth. So naturally, when her adorable daughter made the special request for a Costco party, Niki went above and beyond to make her wish come true.

The birthday bash was basically Kimber’s very own customized Costco store, which included various samples like pigs in a blanket and fruit snacks, along with memberships and the coveted Employee of the Month sign.

“I really don’t know what possessed her to want that theme,” Kimber’s mom, Niki Walker, told TODAY. “She loves the pizza and the samples … and the giant teddy bears.”

SAME, Kimber. We might have to borrow this amazing idea for a future birthday party.