This little girl got grounded and had the most over-the-top reaction

One of the perks of adulthood is being able to look back and get a laugh out of minor things we freaked out over as kids. Years from now, this 9-year-old girl’s reaction to being grounded will probably be something she and her family will sit around and gleefully reminisce about, but for now, she’s completely pissed and inconsolable.

As Elite Daily reports, this kid’s over-the-top response to being grounded for ONE DAY was shared on Twitter by her big sister Nicole because it is the responsibility of a highly effective older sibling to post her little sister’s hilarious tantrum online.

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Unfortunately, this kid wasn’t as ingenious as the grounded teenager who made a Snapchat movie about escaping, but she’s only nine! That gives her plenty of time to perfect her snarky rebuttals to being placed on punishment, but for now, she’s decided to make one of those threats we all made as kids, but had no real intention of carrying out: running away from home.

This text exchange between Nicole and her fuming little sister has us dying:

"think my little sister is overacting a bit all because she got grounded for a day😭😭😭" the tweet reads.

Oof. We’ve all been there, kiddo: You’re fed TF up with your parents being unfair and expecting you to be confined to a house for an entire day. Hopefully when you’re settled in your new house on Earth, you will calm down, call ’em up on your friend’s iPhone and hash this thing out.