Little girl who faced racist taunts finally gets her ‘Frozen’ wish

Last month at a Disney-themed mall event in her hometown of Melbourne, Australia, Samara Muir —who is of Aboriginal descent — and her mother were harassed by another mother and two other girls. They were overheard telling 3-year-old Samara that she couldn’t dress like Elsa because Elsa isn’t black and “black is ugly.” The incident left Samara in tears —she was so upset and hurt, she stopped going to her Aboriginal dance classes and tried to “scrub off her black skin.” Furious and saddened, Samara’s mom Rachel Muir took to Facebook to share her story of discrimination. And the response she received from supporters was overwhelmingly positive and uplifting.

She recalls to the The Age, “It was heartbreaking for me,” but goes on to say that, “all the messages from everybody it has been overwhelming. [Samara’s] not scrubbing her skin any more. I read her all the messages she receives, including a message from Queen Elsa, messages from people telling her not to be ashamed of who she is and to be proud. I think all those those messages have sunk in.”

It helped that this past Sunday, Samara received a special invitation to  a Frozen high-tea at the Langham Hotel in Melbourne. Now that’s exactly what Elsa would do. Samara got to visit with both Anna and Elsa during the event, and had some quality facetime with both. When she finally had her moment with Elsa, Samara told her, “I love you.” AWWW.

Samara’s mom uploaded an adorbs photo of the Frozen princesses with Samara and paired the Facebook photo with this caption:

Samara, who might possibly be the luckiest Frozen fan ever, went on to tell The Age, “She makes magic and turns everything to ice. I love her. And Anna.” Samara has also been asked to several other Disney-related events, including the Disney On Ice Dare to Dream, in which she had an active part. Donning her best Elsa costume, Samara joined 279 other Frozen-obsessed preschoolers, and enjoyed snowflake cookies, reindeer cupcakes, and white chocolate crackles.

While Samara’s experience with racism and cruelty was heartbreaking, we’re so happy to see this strong, wonderful little girl get the princess treatment —because she seriously deserves it. Thanks to Queen Elsa and Anna, Samara got to live our her dreams, and forget all the negativity.

(Images via Facebook)

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