This little girl was *so* excited about eating cotton candy at a baseball game and her reaction was too cute

For some reason we can’t fully articulate without breaking out into an emotional, sugar-fueled rant, cotton candy is absolute bliss. Perhaps we’re obsessed with cotton candy because of how it looks resting delightfully atop an ice cream cone or the way it playfully melts in your mouth even though you still try to chew it. Who knows, but it’s friggin’ awesome and in case you have any doubts of the power it wields, this 3-year-old girl who was so excited about eating cotton candy at a baseball game should be enough to get you on board with the fluffy stuff.

Cotton candy enthusiast Beatrix Hart of New Jersey went HAM on the sweet treat when attending a Seattle Mariners baseball game with her family. ABC News captured the adorable toddler’s meme-worthy meltdown, which was perfectly timed with a game highlight.

"Lind had hit a big grand slam and everyone was happy, and we were celebrating with some cotton candy," said Beatrix's dad Jake Hart. "She stood up and was shouting out her love for the game."

OK, so a grand slam is pretty awesome and all, but anyone whose taste buds have made contact with cotton candy knows that’s the face of a lifelong love affair in the making. If Hart’s parents haven’t already done it, they might want to look into starting a cotton candy fund for their daughter.