This little girl had the most epic meltdown when she found out she was getting a baby brother

We all know that boys have cooties, right? They just do and that’s a fact. (Okay, not really. But a lot of little girls definitely think that at some point in their childhoods.) So when one little girl found out she’s about to be a big sister to one such cootie-filled baby boy, she had an epic meltdown. We feel you, girl. We feel you.

When we were kids, finding out you were going to have a little brother or sister was a huge deal. And finding out if you’d be getting a little mini-me or not made it feel even bigger. So again, our inner-child totally feels for this adorable child. And the actual adult part of us can totally feel for her mama, who clearly was hoping for a more optimistic response from her soon-to-be eldest daughter.

Man, parenting is hard.

Luckily she got some candy out of her incoming baby bro (AKA her parents, who may have been anticipating such a reaction).

Now, what this little girl doesn’t yet know is that her baby brother will most likely bring so much fun and joy into her tiny little world. She’ll love him just as much, if not more, than a hypothetical baby sister. So buck up, kid. You’ll be okay. Once your little brother arrives, you’ll wonder how you got along without him (well, maybe you’ll feel that way eventually. But you’ll get there — we promise).

Until then, mom and dad better have a lot more candy at the ready. This may be just the first of many tantrums to come. Good luck, everyone!

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