This little girl getting dragged by a merry-go-round proves that even having fun can be totally exhausting

Fun: We all crave as much of it as we can stand, but sometimes life leaves us too exhausted to fully enjoy ourselves to the extent that we want. It is with that sentiment that we can fully relate to this little girl being dragged by a merry-go-round. Instead of exerting the energy it takes to board the ride and experience it sitting upright, this kid had one of those moments all lazy people will understand when she opted to lie down on the floor and let the merry-go-round pull her in a circle.

In the YouTube video filmed by the parents of little Sienna, a short intro lets us know that her merry-go-round riding technique is not like that of most children.

Hey, what are you gonna do? Regardless of how worn out you are, or the possibility of your frilly white tutu being completely ruined, you never pass up the chance to have some unconventional fun on the merry-go-round.

On second thought, maybe we went too deep in assuming that little Sienna was aiming to give us that particular life lesson. If you’ll notice, she appears to be mimicking either a swimmer or a bird in flight based on how her free arm moves.

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Who knows what’s going on in here, but we love that Sienna isn’t at all concerned with doing things the way everyone else does them. She’s fully into doing what makes her feel good, and we’re more than supportive of that attitude.

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