Here’s a video of a little boy cuddling a baby goat because you deserve it

Self care is so important to the human psyche and we think it is important for people to implement time to take care of themselves. So let this video of a little boy cuddling a baby goat take some of the stress away that you are dealing with!

According to Mental Health America, taking care of your mental health is important for your overall physical, spiritual, and emotional health.

"The importance of incorporating joy, spirit, and relaxation in your life has many implications in developing resiliency (the ability to recover from an illness) and staying healthy. The four C's to joy, spirit, and relaxation are: connect with yourself, connect with others, connect to your community, and create joy and satisfaction. As you use these four C's remember to continue trying to push your comfort levels and do things you may not have done before".

With over 41,000 likes, 17,000 comments and 86,000 shares, Animal Libre posted a video of a little boy cuddling a baby goat in the middle of a field. Commence all of the awwww sounds in the world now!

We are not sure who the little boy is, but what we do know is that this video has surely made us happy going into the weekend!