Listening to an orchestra recording ‘Planet Earth II’ soundtrack will totally lift your spirits

For obvious reasons, we’ve been in dire need of any pick-me-up we can get our hands on lately, and as luck would have it, this video of an orchestra recording music for Planet Earth II has sufficiently lifted our spirits. If you need to listen to music that will help you relax, not only will these soothing orchestra sounds do just that, they’ll also show you why soundtrack music is the best kind of music by reuniting you with your personal happy place. *does the happy dance*

Based on the thrilling Planet Earth II footage of snakes chasing an iguana, we already know this show is capable of overwhelming us with ALL of the emotions. Ready to stop limping along and get back to being the natural-born ass-kickers we know you to be?  YASS, SO ARE WE so let’s all hold hands and feel the intensity of this melodic movement:

SIGH. Here’s actual footage of us listening:

But ugh, that was way too short. WE WANT MORE! We’re about to put the clip on repeat and listen for the next 1,000 hours. Our sanity depends on it.