HAIM’s new single “Want You Back” will make you want to fall in love again

Like the experience of waiting for a bus and then three come at once, it seems that after waiting four years for new music from HAIM, the band have released two songs in the space of a week, and their latest single “Want You Back” is a regretful breakup bop that’ll make you want to fall in love again.

Having released their debut album Days Are Gone way back when in 2014 (ahh, simpler times), the HAIM sisters are finally BACK. Este, Danielle, and Alana made their return to music last week with the sparse track “Right Now,” complete with live recording filmed by moviemaker Paul Thomas Anderson.


Their newest song, “Want You Back,” which was produced by Ariel Rechtshaid, sees the band pick up where their debut album left off, with the sisters revisiting their ’70s and ’80s influences. The band’s signature sprightly percussion and staccato vocal delivery are prevalent all over the song, with an electronic sheen updating their funk-pop sound.

"I’m ready for the both of us now, so just know that I want you back, the lyrics go. "I’ll take the fall and the faultiness, I’ll give you all the love I never gave before I left you.

Listen to “Want You Back” below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7krrRoJpT0

HAIM have also announced their upcoming sophomore album, Something To Tell You, which is set for release on July 7th.

Speaking about the new music to Rolling Stone, Danielle Haim said that the songs were pretty personal.

“If I’m feeling some type of way and we start to write, I don’t fully understand my feelings until the song’s done and out in the world,” she revealed. “That’s how it was with the last album. I think I’m gonna start to figure out what a lot of these new songs mean in two months, or something.”

The sisters are set to debut their new music on May 13th on Saturday Night Live. The episode is being hosted by Melissa McCarthy.

Welcome back, HAIM!