“Teenage Things” I Never Got To Do But Will Do Now That I’m A Second Semester Senior

Next week, my friends and I will be second semester seniors. After suffering through hours of homework, rigorous AP classes, time-consuming extracurricular activities and college applications, we can breathe. We are free.

While my high school has prepared me for college, I feel like I missed out on a lot of fun things most teenagers take for granted. Now I don’t have any excuses. I’m not going to go down the reckless, dangerous “YOLO” spiral, but I will make an effort to be goofy, act like a kid again and have some fun.

Here are some activities I haven’t done-yet:

  • Watch some Disney classics

I have never watched Bambi, Lady and the Tramp, Alice in Wonderland, Hunchback of Notre Dame and Hercules. And countless others. How is this possible? Did I not have a childhood? This calls for a Friday Night Disney Movie Marathon.

  • Stargaze

What is so exciting about stargazing? You lie on the grass and stare at the sky. If you’re with your friends, conversation ranges from trivial thoughts, to deep philosophical explorations. If you’re alone, it can be mindless and serene, until you’re attacked by mosquitos.

  • Get my license

I’m 18. I have a parking space at school, yet I don’t have my license. I already had to get my permit renewed. In my defense, Massachusetts has annoying requirements for getting your license and the roads are horrible in the winter. Now I’m legally an adult, so most of the annoying requirements get dropped. And the snow will melt eventually. But I’m better than most of my friends – a good amount don’t even have their permits.

  • Fully attend a school sports game

You probably realized my school puts more emphasis on academics than sports. The only times I showed up to a game for any sport were to take yearbook photos, and I’m usually there for ten minutes. I feel really bad about this. I make my extracurricular activities a big deal to people, yet I don’t really support others’ passions.

  • Beat Pokémon

And Kingdom Hearts. And Roller Coaster Tycoon. And other video games I adored as a child. Somehow, I never finished these games. I would get frustrated, throw the controller and watch my older brothers play and win. I’m a big girl now, I can beat the Elite Four on my own.

Not everyone’s second semester to-do list is like mine. Some people might be worse than me (I’m going to finally hang out with a friend during the weekend!) or may do not so legal things (Let’s smoke pot and drink in the woods!) Whatever you decide to do, remember to have fun and make the most of it. Before you know it, you and your friends will go off to college and be miles apart. You’ll look back at high school and think, “what if”. Even if your adventures go awry, you tried. Make the most of our short lives and this short semester.

by Ellen Meyers

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