Music video premiere: Lissie’s “Sun Keeps Risin'” perfectly evokes the pain of loss

Have you heard of Lissie? Even if you don’t know her name, you’ve likely heard the music she makes (she opened for Lenny Kravitz on his 2008 tour, and her tracks have been featured in the background of some of our favorite shows). Point being, she’s not a new kid on the block. Paste named her one of their Best of What’s Next back in 2010 and her latest album My Wild West makes her been-around-the-career-block status known: “And if it hurts, let it go/ Night after night and show by show/ Oh, Hollywood/ You broke my heart just because you could.”

Tucked amid West’s Hollywood heartache songs is a raw, piano-driven track called “Sun Keeps Risin.’” It’s a song blatantly and painfully about loss: “As the embers burn and the planets turn/ We just carry on, I wonder/ How the sun keeps rising anyway/ And I still think of you every day.” The pain in her voice is surface and clear. We feel it too.

“Sun Keeps Risin’” is an especially personal song,” Lissie told HelloGiggles. “We lost my aunt Laura to ALS in 2010 and in early 2015 this song spilled out of me as a way of processing the loss. It’s a comment on how strange it feels when someone you love is no longer on this earth and how the world just carries on like nothing happened but that fresh feeling of loss comes in quiet moments.”

Lissie is premiering the acoustic “Sun Keeps Risin’” video here on HelloGiggles. The video is simple; Lissie and the music. With a song this honest, nothing else is needed.

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