Lisa Frank is teaming up with Glamour Dolls on the ULTIMATE unicorn makeup brush collab

A Lisa Frank makeup collab has been on our minds ever since rainbow highlighters hit the scene. Let’s be real, almost all of our love and devotion for rainbows and mythical animals comes from Lisa Frank. The ’90s artist was the source of so many iconic images that burned into our hearts. With dolphins, cheetahs, and unicorns in bright neon colors, she brought magic to the school day. Now that we’re older and more beauty-obsessed, makeup brings magic to our workday, so what could be better than a collaboration between the two? Glamour Dolls have announced just that, with a Lisa Frank team-up that is fan and Kickstarter driven.

Fans backing the Kickstarter will have early access and perks like choosing names and shades in the Lisa Frank collaboration!


The brand enlisted on of our favorite beauty vloggers, Kandee Johnson to help promote this amazing collab.

Fan inclusion is such a valuable asset to indie beauty brands. Kickstarter is a great way to gain hype, take less risk in pre-sale, and to expand collections. Glamour Dolls is committed to cruelty-free, affordable makeup, which is a perfect combo for the animal-centric Frank.


While the goal is to create six different limited edition items, the first is an angled face brush featuring rainbow unicorns and ombré bristles.


The brush is available for pre-sale directly from their site for just $4.99 and ships out in April.

Kickstarter pledges range from $10 to $45 with cosmetic rewards like lip balms, matte mousse, eyeliner, and unicorn lippies! They currently have just over $5k of their $30k goal. While the unicorn brush is a sure thing, all of the other items are only made possible by fan contribution, so get on in there! We can’t wait to see what else Glamour Dolls can come up with!

Order your unicorn brush today and pledge here to the collab by April 2nd!