Someone has finally made Lisa Frank-inspired donuts, fulfilling our ’90s lunchbox dreams

We live in a thrilling time — an era filled with Lisa Frank leggings and crop tops, skirts made of Lisa Frank stickers, and makeup tutorials that help you look like your fave Lisa Frank folder from elementary school. We exist in the future that our trippy-neon-leopard loving hearts always imagined.

But despite all of these accomplishments, something has been missing. We couldn’t put our finger on it, but Vickie Liu, baker at Brit + Co, has shown us the light.

May I direct your attention to these Lisa Frank-inspired rainbow leopard print donuts.

The full recipe, available here, seems doable even for the culinary-challenged.  And it will allow you to make the perfect dessert for all your ’90s theme parties — and also for everyday life.

Baker Vickie Liu says she was inspired by YouTuber SweetAmbs rainbow leopard print cookies.

Donuts and Lisa Frank — your two favorite things. Like I said, we live in a thrilling time.

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