Lisa Frank’s Black Friday sale is a ’90s girl’s fantasy

Attention, ’90s girls — there is a Lisa Frank Black Friday sale and it’s the stuff of dreams. I mean, just one look at those bright, bold patterns brings me straight back to my tween years when the brand made back-to-school supplies the most exciting thing ever and my entire Christmas list consisted of Lisa Frank products that I just had to have.

Proving that our nostalgia for the '90s knows no bounds, Lisa Frank's clothing line, which was launched earlier this year, is already a huge success. And, as if that wasn't exciting enough, she went on to bless us with a line of adult coloring books. Lisa, what did we do to deserve this abundance of amazing items?

Nothing transports me back to a simpler time quite as much as those beautiful, blinding color schemes and bright animal designs.

The resurgence of the brand makes me slightly less upset about the fact that my foolish tween self didn't possess the wisdom to keep my tattered but beautiful collection of Lisa Frank trapper-keepers, notebooks, and folders. (Please don't judge me.)

Head on over to — we can save up to 45% thanks to these Black Friday deals.

I’m not gonna lie — I already have about 10 items in my shopping cart.

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