Lisa Frank adult coloring books are coming, so basically all of our ’90s dreams have come true

Brace yourselves ’90s kids. Lisa Frank is making adult coloring books because she obviously haven’t stopped caring about us.

If you need a refresher (we won’t judge you), (okay maybe a little), Lisa Frank started the company of the same name that designed super colorful school supplies that every kid wanted. They made binders, folders, notebooks, pens, pencils, lunch boxes, erasers and STICKERS!

So many stickers.

Lisa Frank is still around and has been providing us (and, you know, actual kids) with brand new products. But the best new product of all? Adult coloring books. And we need to have them.

No word on when the coloring books will be released, but Lisa Frank’s official Instagram page posted a teaser with this caption: “Coming soon….Lisa Frank adult coloring!!!
#LisaFrank #color #art #rainbow #coloring #adult #hobby #trend #therapy #adultcoloring #relax #destress #coloredpencils #create #imagine”

We cannot WAIT.

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