Lisa Bloom allegedly tried to disseminate discrediting info about Rose McGowan’s sexual past

A new Daily Beast report alleges Lisa Bloom tried to discredit Rose McGowan while working for Harvey Weinstein. The article writes that Bloom offered to share files about Rose’s sexual history with journalist Ronan Farrow, who helped break the story.

In the past, Lisa Bloom has done a lot of good. She’s worked with both Mischa Barton and Blac Chyna in “revenge porn” cases. She’s been touted as a feminist attorney like her mom, Gloria Allred. But her decision to advise Weinstein didn’t sit well with many women, particularly assault survivors. And if these allegations are true, she did more than just act as an advisor.

“I don’t know if you’ve talked to Rose McGowan, but we have files on her and her... history, Bloom allegedly told Farrow, according to knowledgeable sources inside and outside NBC.

Bloom, who has talked about being a feminist and a champion of women, has obviously received a lot of backlash. It shouldn’t have to be said at this point, but a victim’s sexual history has nothing to do with assaults.

“Your very name makes my stomach clench with a stressed tightness that takes my breath away. As does your mercenary act of depravity, Rose McGowan wrote on her Facebook page. “Did you think of how it would affect victims to see you champion a rapist? How it felt to those you once ‘fought for,’ for them to know that you used them. You remember them right? They were the victims of assaults, women you’d previously helped. You lied to those hurt women and hid your true character. You wanted a shortcut to fame.

Lisa Bloom’s mom, Gloria Allred, even weighed in on her work with Weinstein.

“Had I been asked by Mr. Weinstein to represent him, I would have declined, because I do not represent individuals accused of sex harassment, Allred declared in a press release. “I only represent those who allege that they are victims of sexual harassment.

And if the Daily Beast report is true, the situation is even worse than it initially seemed. For what it’s worth, Bloom has denied the allegations.

It’s always disappointing to see women tearing other women down — especially under the guise of being feminist. You can check out the whole report on The Daily Beast.

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