This is THE lipstick for people who hate lipstick

People who loathe lipstick, I get you. Lipstick is high-maintenance. It requires lip balm, and exfoliating, and lip liner sometimes, and you have to reapply after you’ve had lunch. And sometimes it smudges on your front teeth, and you come home and look into the mirror and realize you’ve been living life with a faint red stain on your smile. Basically, you are completely, one-hundred percent within reason to stay the eff away from a tube of lipstick.

But. What if you just want some color on your mouth without all the luggage lipstick usually comes with? There is a way for you attain this seemingly lofty goal, I swear.

It is called… *DRUMROLL PLEASE*


Clinique Chubby Stick “Intense.” Although “intense” is not an adjective I would personally use to describe this lip product. More like subtle, prettily demure, and easy. My favorite shade? “Roomiest Rose,” which looks like how water looks like after rose petals have been soaking in it for hours.

Technically, this is not a lipstick. It’s a “Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm.” So it’s really a mix between lipstick and lip balm. You don’t get the full intensity of lipstick pigmentation, but in exchange, your lips don’t turn into a sponge from dehydration.

Here’s what it looks like:


It glides on super smoothly — like a crayon (but like a Crayola crayon, not a Roseart crayon — I’m talking SERIOUSLY smooth here, no funny business). You don’t need lip liner. You don’t need lip balm. You just need this color balm and your beautiful mouth.

Here’s a swatch, since I know my phone’s camera quality isn’t the greatest:


It’s $17 on, and if “Roomiest Rose” is too much rose for you, you’ve got nine other colors to choose from.