Lip Smacker’s newest flavor is for all those ’90s kids who grew up

If you grew up in the late ’90s or early aughts, then you probably remember the joy that came with buying a new Lip Smacker. Thankfully, the brand is still out there creating delicious lip balms, glosses, and other lip goodies, but they have one flavor that’s leaving us shaking with excitement: oatmeal cookie.

Whether you were going for a classic flavor like vanilla or a crazier one like cotton candy, these balms left your lips feeling amazing, they tasted GREAT, and we’re so glad they’re still here. Plus, Lip Smacker’s Oatmeal Cookie lip balm is sure to quench your dry lips and craving for cookies all in one go.

The brand announced yesterday that the new flavor will be appearing in Original and Best Party Packs later this month. We love that the nostalgic brand is still creating concoctions for us to enjoy — because let’s be real, there’s a childhood joy that comes from a new Lip Smacker. Even though the era of Limited Too is far gone, we can still enjoy our nostalgic fantasies thanks to the cookie-loving company.

As for the new flavor, we can only imagine how sweet it will taste; like cookies fresh from the oven, the taste still lingering on your lips. But even if you’re not one for cookies, you can still relive your summer nostalgia with a flavor like Pink Lemonade or you can try something new like Pomegranate Iced Tea.

Either way, we’re excited this brand still keeps coming out with new flavors, and we’re even more excited to try this oatmeal one.

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