You can now be the designer of your very own Lip Smacker flavor

Something huge is happening in the world of flavored chapstick: Lip Smacker is looking for their first-ever official Taste-Maker. What’s a Taste-Maker, you ask? The job requires you to come up with the most creative and delicious Lip Smacker flavor the world has ever tasted. Our inner middle-school selves are freaking the freak out!

To find their first official Taste-Maker, Lip Smacker is holding a Willy Wonka-like competition in which fans can win a myriad of prizes, including the very prestigious title of Official Lip Smacker Taste-Maker 2017.

The rules are simple, but one must tap into their foodie side to make a lasting impression.

Follow the Lip Smacker Instagram and leave a comment on the above Lip Smacker Instagram post, including the following details about your flavor: it’s name, it’s three key ingredients, yummy descriptors (smooth, salty, sweet, tangy, etc.), and tag it with #LStastemaker.

And that’s it! You’re on your way to possibly becoming the next big thing in lip balm!

What’s more is that if you win the overall title, your name and flavor will be showcased on the Lip Smacker website as a limited-edition exclusive item. The winner will also receive a personal, hand-crafted batch of artisanal Lip Smacker lip balm, which might just last you the rest of your life.

On top of all that, you’ll also get a custom “blinged-out” Biggy in your flavor. It’ll not only be covered in crystals, but your name will be written on the tube. Lip Smacker is not holding back in this competition.

Just think! You could design the next bubble gum!

Lip Smacker will be accepting Instagram comment submissions now through May 19th, so start brainstorming some prize-winning flavors. Entice the company with your unique descriptions and prove you deserve to be their Official Taste-Maker 2017!


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