An official Peeta’s Bakery is opening up in Times Square, will hopefully not serve nightlock pastries

The Times Square you know and love (and if you’re a New Yorker, probably avoid like the plague) is about to get a game-changing makeover courtesy of Lionsgate.

While Times Square is currently filled with numerous iconic staples like the New Year’s Ball, billboards, legions of tourists, people dressed up in off-brand costumes, and one massive movie theater, it could soon be joined by the most extraordinary entertainment center to grace earth 46th street.

Well movie lovers, brace yourselves for the next spectacular indoor entertainment center, called Lionsgate Entertainment City, where you can (sort of) live out your fantasies of your favorite Lionsgate films and TV shows.

But what does that even mean? It means you can live out the best part of The Hunger Games: Bread courtesy of Peeta’s Bakery. Unfortunately, or fortunately, whatever way you look at it, the games themselves and the rest of the death and destruction will remain on your TVs and (mostly) far away from Times Square.

That’s not all. Step into the world of Don Draper with a Mad Men “dining and lounge experience,” train with Tris and Four in a Divergent obstacle course, and channel your inner John Wick with a shooter simulation. But it looks like the Entertainment City will also include a virtual reality experience , a 4D theater, and an Outlander themed game called, “Can you change history for Claire and Jamie and win the Jacobite rebellion?” We made up the last one but honestly, if Lionsgate wants it, they can add it to their roster.

To pull of this incredible experience, Lionsgate is teaming up with Parques Reunidos, a leisure park operation company, and plans to expand beyond New York, looking to bring Lionsgate Entertainment City to various locations throughout Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

The Times Square Lionsgate Entertainment City is expected to open in 2019.