Here’s what the ‘Lion King’ trailer would look like if it was made in 2015

Disney’s The Lion King is arguably one of the best movies ever made, and has one of the best soundtracks to boot. It’s been around for 21 years now (crazy how time flies), so it’s about time it got the remake treatment, right? OK, before you get all hakuna-what, it’s not really getting the kind of update where suddenly Simba has superpowers and Nola is all CGI. Not that kind of updated, promise! One very creative editor has  taken the movie and given us a powerful, brand-new trailer for it, and it’s giving us lots of feels today.

So essentially, Editor Ryan Shukis has taken The Lion King we know and love, and re-cut some of the best parts together in one pretty epic way He’s also added a brand new non-Elton John soundtrack — according to the description on his YouTube page, it’s the soundtrack from the newest Pan trailer, FYI. And what do you get when you combine these two things together? Well, a Lion King update that feels like it’s one of the big, sprawling blockbusters of today. Check it out:

Now, if you’re trying desperately to remember the original Lion King trailer from 1994, look no further. Disney’s take on it included a narrator that laid out Every. Single. Aspect. of the movie, and yeah, it kinda loses that element of surprise, but hey, you gotta love and respect the ’90s. Also, it’s got an amazingly campy sound track, that is also not Elton John.

After much thought and consideration, let’s go with the newly updated version for all future Lion King viewings. And if you’re now in a deep hole of Disney nostalgia, check out Shukis’ other re-edited trailers, including The Little Mermaid and Aladdin.

Image via Disney

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