WOAH! Watch the utterly terrifying moment this lion cub attempts to eat a child on live TV

While we totally love animals, there are certain ones that we’re not too sure we’d want to get too close to. For example, we wouldn’t want to get stuck near a crocodile, or we’d rather avoid a situation with a hippo, and we’re not too sure we’d like to get up close and personal with a lion.

It seems, however, that not everyone is as cautious as us. We’re constantly reading about people who befriend bears and cuddle with tigers. It’s super cute, but we’re not entirely convinced that it isn’t 100% dangerous.

Now a clip has surfaced online from a 2006 episode of Mexican TV show Con Sello De Mujer (meaning With Women’s Approval), that is completely and utterly triggering.

The video appears to show a lion cub, who is on a leash, lunge for a toddler who is also appearing on the show.

During a segment where they’re discussing the lion cub, the toddler appears to get a bit restless, omitting a high pitched squeal.

This noise sets off the lion cub who’s animal instincts kick in and who lunges for the toddler.


OH. MY. GOODNESS! This is completely terrifying.

Of course, the Toddler starts screaming, while the mother is completely in shock. The lion trainer tells both mother and child to keep calm, and the lion cub is marched off screen.

Luckily, it seems that no one was hurt in the incident, which although happened 10 years ago has just surfaced online.

Now, we’re not completely sure why this situation occurred, but we’re going to use some logic to deduce that it might not be the best idea to put a lion and a toddler in such close proximity to each other. Dunno, just a hunch. Similarly, we’re a *tiny* bit surprised at the reactions of everyone; we’re pretty sure we’d be in full blown panic mode.

Ultimately, however, we’re just glad that there didn’t appear to be any obvious injuries, and that no one was hurt during the whole ordeal.

This should be a friendly (or not so friendly) reminder that wild animals are exactly that…wild.

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