One fan just found a crazy link between ‘Friends’ and ‘Parks and Rec’

If you’re a fan of both Friends and Parks and Recreation (in which case, I salute you for your excellent taste in television), prepare to have your mind totally blown with possibility and intrigue. POSSIBILITY AND INTRIGUE, GUYS.

On r/FanTheories, Redditor Phefflin posted a theory that linked the two shows in a crazy-yet-plausible way. When Phefflin was watching Friends, they noticed a familiar name tossed out during season 7, episode 9:

Wait a minute, did somebody say Ben Wyatt?

Although Friends aired way before Parks, Phefflin points out that “both shows were NBC, so it wouldn’t be too difficult to imagine they’re in the same universe.”

In the same universe, guys. Can we live in that universe where Monica, Rachel, Leslie, and Ben co-exist? But that’s not all. Phefflin did some math and figured out a way that Rachel and Ben might have, well, gone all the way on the first date:

WHOA. Ben, what else are we going to find out about your steamy past? (Don’t worry, though — we won’t tell Ross. We wouldn’t want him to go all who-ate-my-sandwich angry at you.) But most importantly, we’re hoping that NBC does a cross-over episode stat, because this absolutely needs to happen.

Oh, Internet and your fan theories. What would we do without you?

(Image via NBC)


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