This is the Lingerie You Should Wear on Valentine’s, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Of course Scorpios are all about leather and latex.

It’s lingerie’s most popular time of the year, and although these pretty pieces tend to get lumped in with Valentine’s Day, we shouldn’t be saving special, sensual undergarments just for Cupid (although it is a great excuse to add a few pieces to our drawer). While we usually wear lingerie when we are with someone else, what we wear should be based on what we like and makes us feel sexy. However, picking the right set-up can be tricky, so we turn to the stars.

Brands continue to up their game when it comes to bras, underwear, slips, teddies, and bodysuits. From being offered in extended sizes to sustainable fabrics, there is now more variety to choose from than ever before. While we love the luxury of choice, having more options can often make determining the right piece that fits your style and body that much harder. Following the trends is one direction you can go in—one particularly sexy Netflix show (ahemm…. Bridgerton) has corsets selling out just as quickly as puzzles were last spring, but a tight bodice might not be for everyone.

If you find yourself just clicking through pages of lace and satin, it might be time to get some direction. We’re letting our zodiac signs take the wheel, so we tapped our resident astrologist, Lisa Stardust, for some guidance. Let the stars help you find the best lingerie according to your zodiac sign. 


Lingerie x zodiac sign valentine's day

Adore Me Julienne Push-Up

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“Aries’ are hot, hot, hot! A passionate red lace thong and bustier will bring them the desirous night they crave,” says Stardust. A bustier is perfect for this passionate zodiac sign as it has that theatrical vibe that’ll help play up their sizzling seductress side.


Lingerie x zodiac sign valentine's day

Bluebella Genevieve Bodysuit

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Valentine’s Day or not, this red plunging neckline, thong bodysuit is particularly suited for Tauruses. “Full lace bodysuit will get this Venusian sign’s heart racing, as well as anyone else who shares a hot moment with them,” Stardust states. A bow fastener to the halter neck is ideal for this flirty sign, although we predict it won’t stay tied very long. 


Lingerie x zodiac sign valentine's day

Savage x Fenty Fishnet Tights

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Tease your partner and tap into your outgoing, playful side with these sexy stockings. “When it comes to lingerie, Geminis like simple and sensual looks that do all the talking, like a lace robe and fishnet stockings,” says Stardust.


Lingerie x zodiac sign valentine's day

Bare Necessities Jezebel Tabitha Babydoll Set

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No one loves the #comfylife as much as a Cancer does, and the good news is that you can still tap into your cozy side and be sexy. “A babydoll set that sensually covers Cancer’s erogenous zones will make them feel scorching hot,” says Stardust. This mesh and lace piece gives this free-flowing chemise a suggestive look while giving you all the benefits of a comfortable nightgown.  


Lingerie x zodiac sign valentine's day

Cuup The Balconette Bra

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“Leos are known to love attention,” says Stardust of the fire sign. “A leopard-print bra and underwear set will get them the notice they want in the bedroom.” This fierce print plus see-through mesh is just the dramatic statement piece Leos will love. 


Lingerie x zodiac sign valentine's day

Maidenform Women's Extra Sexy Lace Garter Belt

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As perfectionists at their core, you know that when it comes to lingerie Virgos will wear a full-on look, including a very sexy piece. “A garter belt with lacy underwear is devilishly decadent but sinfully tasteful for this earth sign,” says Stardust. Detailed with lace sides and a small bow in front, this and some thigh highs will elevate your black bra and panty set and take your ensemble to a whole new level. 


Lingerie x zodiac sign valentine's day

Cosabella Never Say Never Curvy Foxie Chemise

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Romantic lace is right up Libra’s alley. “A sheer slip, preferably in a solid color, will let this air sign show off their best assets and let them feel chic in their lingerie,” Stardust says. As a lover of the finer, luxurious things in life, a purple slip will make her feel stylish and confident. 


Lingerie x zodiac sign valentine's day

Commando Patent Faux Leather Bra

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“Scorpios are known for their passionate and carnal energy. Therefore, a leather or latex bra and underwear set will set the right vibe for them,” explains Stardust. Let your dominant side run free in the bedroom, and do so with this shiny bralette paired with a black thong.


Lingerie x zodiac sign valentine's day

Victoria's Secret Myla Columbia Road Underwire Bra

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Sags love to love intensely, so a fun peek-a-boo set is completely their vibe. “Mesh lingerie in a bright color with embroidery will make Sagittarius’ heart flutter with passion and vigor,” says Stardust. When the clothes come off, no one will be blue. 


Lingerie x zodiac sign valentine's day

RYA Collection Darling Lace Trim Chemise

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“Capricorns don’t like out-there looks, so a short and sweet slip with a high slit will make them feel sexy,” says Stardust of the practical zodiac sign. With satin with lace detailing, this chemise is beautiful, wearable, and functional—a Caps dream. 


Lingerie x zodiac sign valentine's day

Anthropologie Evalyn High-Waisted Lace Briefs

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“A retro look with high-waisted panties will make the water-bearer embrace their body and desires,” says Stardust. Dainty and with a barely-there feeling, this piece will flatter your curves and bottom. Wear it under a dress or a pair of high-waisted jeans during the day, and be sure to pair it with a lacy black bra (or not!) at night. 


Lingerie x zodiac sign valentine's day

Intimissimi Silk Slip with Lace Insert Detail

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“A simple silk or satin chemise with a little lace on the bottom will make this mystical water sign feel at ease and sexy,” explains Stardust, as they’re free-spirited and need to have room to move, just like their mascot fish. This gentle and flowy style doubles as pajamas—there’s nothing better for the sleep-loving sign.