This ‘SNL’ Sketch About the Absolute Nightmare of Finding Bras That Fit Is *So* Real

The bad dream of entering a specialty bra store comes to life.

If you’ve ever stepped foot inside a specialty bra store, you know it can be a nightmarish experience. You think you know your bra size? You’re wrong. You think you can leave that store without an ugly bra? Think again. On May 22nd’s episode of Saturday Night Live, Aidy Bryant and guest host Anya Taylor-Joy played Enid and Astrid, consultants at the Brawr Barn lingerie shop—a shop for people with breasts. Not boobies. And although we’re laughing a lot, we’re also crying at the flashbacks to our own past bra-fitting trauma.

“We offering dazzling bra designs like these—The Fortress. Goes so high, it’s a turtleneck. Straps so wide they could be jeans,” Bryant’s character Enid tells us. “The Straight Jacket,” Taylor-Joy’s Astrid adds. “This bra comes with our patented five-clasp enclosure.”

Which means, Enid adds, if a man’s taking it off of you, he’s gonna need the Jaws of Life.

“No woman knows her bra size,” Astrid tells an unprepared customer, played by Heidi Gardner. Then a lot of touching, feeling, and predicting the future happens as Enid tells Gardner’s character that she’s a 28Q, has a difficult relationship with her mother, and is also pregnant.

And when Chloe Fineman’s (petite) character enters the shop and asks for a fitting, Enid and Astrid simply laugh and tell her, no, you don’t, sweetie…You need a tank top, honey.

In many ways, we don’t know what we would do without the Enids and Astrids in our real lives. But in other ways, they’re our least favorite types of people to interact with. If only we could just wear a tank top, but alas—let the numbers-and-letters-guessing game continue!

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