This line of jewelry for adults with autism is absolutely everything right now

Have you ever heard of the term stimming? Stimming, which derives from self-stimulatory behavior, can be described as the restless movements a lot of us make, especially if we’re nervous. Overclicking a mouse, tapping your foot, or even making noise with your pen are all related to stimming. While they’re quite common, they’re even more common in the autistic community. While it’s harmless, a lot of people with autism have been told that these behaviors are annoying or disruptive — which only makes their overall struggle a bit harder.

A jewelry maker named Cynthia Kim, who also has autism, understood the issue and actually created her own line of jewelry just to help aid stimming. The line, called Stimtastic, featuring moving, squishy, and chewable items that also look super cute when worn.

Here’s a demonstration of their spinner rings sold by Stimtastic:

Pretty incredible, right?

Kim is inspirational, since her goal isn’t to stop stimming—it’s to embrace it, especially for those who suffer from ADHD/ADD, dyspraxia, autism, and other conditions that often cause this behavior. Even better, 10% of proceeds from her jewelry sales go right back to the autistic community. Also, all of her affordable pieces have been tested by individuals who can get the most use out of them. Those spinner rings, for example, sell for just $9.50 each. Prices vary for her chewy jewelry, but every piece is under $10.

Also on sale through her site are squishy, chewy toys like panda charms, and popping keychains — like this edamame keychain, which everyone needs in their life.


And, that’s not it — she also sells cute pouches, to help these toys and jewelry travel in style.

Her innovative products have already been proven to be a hit. On her Tumblr, a fan named Tessa reviewed the products and said, “[Classmates] caught me chewing on it (I usually try to do it when no one is watching, just cause I know it makes some people uncomfortable) and they thought it was the coolest thing ever and asked me where I got it.”

Cynthia Kim is definitely an amazing, innovative woman who has definitely changed lives with her products. For people who are embarrassed by their stimming, grabbing some of her products seem like an awesome way to realize that not only are they not alone, but that these behaviors should truly be embraced.

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