Lindsay Lohan’s Going To Rehab (Again): Will It Work This Time?

US Weekly reported that Lindsay Lohan, our queen of all things going terribly wrong, has been sentenced 90 days in rehab, 30 days community service and 18 months of psychological counseling for an incident that occurred whilst she was on probation for her previous, uh, “jewelry heist” incident. (Check out the new YA novel TRINKETS, by the way!)

So, now here we are: LiLo’s getting a handful of healthy thrown at her in what could be one of 20 or more ‘uh oh’s’ she found herself in over the last few years. Molls from HG made a great point: “There’s a story somewhere here about law enforcing limits where you can’t.” And that’s just it: when you or your mind is so very much on a roller coaster – losing control, but appearing to be in control -. that’s when the long arm of the law enforces upon you some limits (aka structure) that you, well, just don’t have the ability to have anymore.

Now, is this a good thing? Well, essentially it shouldn’t be the law’s job to get you back to the normal, healthy and not-stealing-jewelry self, but when you are the star of Mean Girls, perhaps the law wants to see you finally thrive in a positive way. Dressed all in white, Ms. Lohan entered the the courtroom, met by loads of glitter being thrown at her by I guess…fans? While standing alongside her very stone-faced lawyer. Lindsay understood her sentencing, that much was clear. She agreed to comply, although we’ve heard this before. So, now we all take a sigh of relief and wait for the system to hopefully work. Because now, with the law concentrating on her health while still keeping an eye on her behavior, she may receive the help that she, and most of us, need from that psychological counselor. Now, get off my couch. My next patient is in.

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