Lindsay Lohan’s BF just got an Instagram and it’s a beautiful tribute to their love

In honor of Caudwell Children’s Butterfly Ball, Lindsay Lohan posted an Instagram snapshot with this applause-worthy hashtag: #onwednesdayswewearpink. The image itself is also pretty great. It features Lindsay, in an embellished blush pink gown, alongside her beau Egor Tarabasov, who looks just as beautiful in a dapper tux and bowtie. While all of this is picture perfect as it is, we soon realized something else: Egor has an Instagram.

In several posts over the past few weeks, Lindsay has been tagging her partner in the photos they posed for together. When you then click on Egor’s username (which is his name), you’ll see that he’s been doing the same. Not only that – but his Instagram is basically a tribute to the love that’s shared been himself and Lindsay.

For his very first photo, which was posted four days ago, Egor posted this behind-the-scenes beauty:

We’re not sure what’s cuter. The zebras or the fact that these two go on memorable adventures together?

Then, there’s this:

Look at the smile on Egor’s face! He looks so happy and so in love.

Okay, these two look like they belong on a movie set:

Also, the above caption just made our hearts grow three sizes.

Between the two of them, Egor and Lindsay already have a sizable photo album going. Now that we’re following both of them, we can’t wait to see what this glam couple gets up to next.

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