Lindsay Lohan recreated The Parent Trap with Andy Cohen, and it’s the nostalgia shot you need today

Lindsay Lohan is doing the rounds to promote her new reality series Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, and what would a press tour be without a stop at everyone’s favorite clubhouse? Lohan sat down with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live and together they recreated an iconic scene from The Parent Trap nearly 21 years after its premiere.

In case you forgot one of the best PG films of the ’90s, let us refresh your memory. The Parent Trap was a 1998 film starring a then 12-year-old Lohan in a dual role as Hallie Parker and Annie James, a pair of separated-at-birth twins who meet at summer camp and hatch a plan to get their divorced parents back together. It was a role that required Lohan to adopt both American and British accents, a skill we’ve been reminded she can do with remarkable ease. Dennis Quaid and the late Natasha Richardson rounded out the cast as Hallie/Annie’s parents.

During a recurring WWHL segment called “Clubhouse Playhouse,” Lohan reprised her role as Hallie, Cohen donned a red wig to play her British twin Annie, and they recreated the scene where both girls learn they own one half of the same photo and realize they’re twins.

“Your English accent, that was, like, everything,” Lohan told Cohen after the bit. For us, the entire segment was a bizarre shot of nostalgia we didn’t know we needed this Thursday morning.

Elsewhere in the show, Lohan revealed that she still talks to Oprah, she hasn’t seen the Mean Girls musical yet, and she wants to write a book of poetry one day. You can watch the rest of Lohan’s Clubhouse appearance at WWHL‘s YouTube channel.

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