This is what Lindsay Lohan wants the plot of the “Mean Girls” sequel to be

Nearly 13 years ago, Mean Girls came out in theaters and into our lives forever. We’ve been anxiously waiting for a follow-up for over a decade, but that just hasn’t been in the cards (one starring Lohan, that is). Until now. Maybe. Lindsay Lohan is ready for a Mean Girls sequel, but she wants to switch the plot up a little.

OK, a lot, but in a way that completely makes sense.

Lohan threw out a really great idea for another Mean Girls movie, but this time the mean girls will be mean MOMS. The timing obviously works out — 13 years after high school, so we’re hoping it’s just up to the cast to pull it together and make it happen.

She has even worked out the major plot points for Mean Moms.

"Mean Girls 2 would be great," Lohan told told the Mail Online. "It's something I've always [been] interested in doing, it has such a great cult following, it would be wonderful to do something else. All of us should have kids, like a Housewives of... And all my kids are from Africa. We've adopted them or something funny."

We’re totally into this idea.

Lohan went on to insist that she will even talk to Mean Girls producer Lorne Michaels about the idea. So we’ll just need Tina Fey to jump on board, and all of our Mean Girl dreams will come true.

In the meantime, the Mean Girls musical is officially happening and will premiere in Washington, D.C. in the fall of 2017.

All of this is so fetch, we can barely contain our excitement.

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