Lindsay Lohan just teased a “Mean Girls” sequel, and let’s make this happen

If there’s one thing we love more than Mean Girls it’s… well, we literally have no idea what it is because we just love Mean Girls a lot, okay? This obviously means we have great taste in films and are extremely sophisticated. It’s one of the classic chick flicks — by which we mean a well-written, well-acted, all-around great film with important themes and morals like learning to love your fellow ladies instead of engaging in a never-ending and ultimately fruitless competition with them and thereby sticking it to the patriarchy… Where was I? Right, one of the classic chick flicks of our times, and as such we will love it forever. But in this, the age of Netflix, it seems like just about anything can get a sequel

…and Lindsay Lohan SERIOUSLY reignited our burning desire to see our favorite (rehabilitated) mean girls back in action with her latest Instagram.

The picture was taken during the 2005 MTV Movie Awards, aka, the year Mean Girls came out, aka, maybe the best year ever. The movie took home Best On-Screen Team for all the ladies, along with best Female Performance for Lohan, and Breakthrough Role for Rachel McAdams.




It’s been twelve years since the original Mean Girls movie was released in 2004, and we’re kinda dying to know what these iconic characters have gotten up to since then.

We tend to think Gretchen inherited the toaster strudel empire and probably tacked on a toaster strudel-flavored lip gloss line (after taking some anger management courses.)


Regina George is most likely running some kind of women’s athletics oriented corporate empire, and putting her powers of manipulation to good use — by using them to shatter the glass ceiling. Seriously, she may have been spiteful as hell in high school, but a rehabilitated Regina would be a force to be reckoned with. #ReginaforPrez


Karen is DEFINITELY still a weather girl. Or maybe she (unknowingly, obvi) embraced the irony and works for ESPN.


And Cady has probably turned into Ms. Norbury, and uses her crazy high school experiences to help guide her students through a much less painful path to adulthood.


Of course, this is only speculation. We would obviously love to find out what’s REALLY going down. Like, immediately. Lindsay Lohan mentioned Mark Waters, the director, in her tweet so hopefully prayers for a sequel will go from her ‘gram to Waters’ ears.

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