Lindsay Lohan shared what her Mean Girls character is up to in 2019, and this is so fetch

Lindsay Lohan is going to be a busy woman in 2019. For starters, she’s finally returning to our TV screens: her reality series, Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, premieres on MTV on January 8th. Oh, how we’ve missed our favorite former mean girl.

You know who else is busy? Lohan’s Mean Girls character, Cady Heron. In a video for Entertainment Weekly, the actress revealed what she thinks Cady is up to in 2019. Okay, Cady is a fictional character, but still. We like the idea of checking in on her and seeing how she’s doing 15 years later. So what does Lohan think Cady is up to these days? It’s definitely not swapping face wash with foot cream or pretending to be bad at math to spend more time with a guy. Lohan thinks that Cady went back to her roots in the wild.

"Cady Heron is definitely back in Africa building homes for orphaned gorillas, for sure. Obviously."

Lohan also shared what some of her other characters are up to, too.

She thinks her Freaky Friday character Anna Coleman got into politics. “Anna Coleman is now running for office…with Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey. In 2020. So, be sure to vote for her.” She has our vote.

Lohan predicts that Elizabeth “Lola” Steppe from Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen has made it big in NYC. “She would be a director on Broadway. She’d be directing Mean Girls right now!”

And she says that the twins from The Parent Trap, Hallie Parker and Annie James, are still up to their old tricks. “I think that they’ve swapped. So I think Hallie is in London as a parenting counselor, and then Annie is in California running a vineyard.” Sneaky.

We’re glad to see that Lohan—and her beloved characters—are doing well in 2019. Cheers to the Year of LiLo.

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