Lindsay Lohan will not stop until “Mean Girls 2” is made, and we support that 100%

Out of all the remakes and reboots that have flooded the entertainment industry recently, there’s one we’re all still waiting for: Mean Girls 2. It’s hard to believe, but Mean Girls first premiered in 2004, and it’s since become a cult classic. Perhaps one of the most quotable movies of all time (“On Wednesdays we wear pink!”), it’s loved by virtually everyone with a sense of humor, regardless of how old you are.

We’re not the only ones who are itching for a sequel. Lindsay Lohan talked about another shot at Mean Girls when she visited The View. She admitted she would love to be involved in making the film and reintroducing Cady Herron to the world. She even went to SNL and offered to help write up the movie if Tina Fey is too busy.

Watch Lindsay chat about it with the ladies on The View.

“It’s a great movie,” Lindsay agrees with the hosts. “It’s a cult film.” Throughout the interview Lindsay expressed her desire to stay in control of her career and make her own movies, so we’re hoping she’ll take the reigns on this project and make it happen sooner rather than later.

Lindsay says there are a lot of other people who want this sequel to be made. “They’re smart with timing,” she says, “so it’ll come when the time’s right.” (We think the time’s right right now, but hey, what do we know?!)

In addition to dreaming about Mean Girls 2, Lindsay shared her experiences working with refugee children in Turkey who are in need of support. She’s been “seeing what else I can do to create a sustainable future for these people.”

We fully support the activist work you do, Lindsay. We think it’s so fetch.

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