Lindsay Lohan makes such an important point about how the media spreads rumors about her

If you haven’t heard much about Lindsay Lohan the past few months, there’s a really good reason for it. The star, who is well known for her roles in films like The Parent Trap and Mean Girls, has been helping Syrian refugees as much as she can. Lindsay has made trips to hospitals, homes, and schools as she visits with refugees and hears their stories. So we don’t blame her when Lindsay got upset at the media for reporting on only her personal drama, rather than the important work she is doing.

Lindsay has been so inspiring as she visits and bonds with refugees.


In this sweet picture, Lindsay hands out gifts to a room full of nursery school children. She spent time visiting refugees living in a container town in Gaziantep, Turkey.

But certain media outlets wanted to focus only on Lindsay’s personal dramas, so the star clapped back with a GREAT point.

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We’re pretty sure the article that Lindsay is referring to is this Daily Mail article. The article claims that the star is facing bankruptcy after not paying the rent on her London flat.

We totally see why Lindsay would be upset. She is doing so much good work with these refugees, and one thing the refugees need most is increased awareness. Lindsay can help show the world all of the wonderful, sweet people found in refugee camps, and she wants the media coverage of her to focus on that. But instead, she has to see upsetting articles analyzing her financial situation.  We also appreciate that Lindsay kept her tweets totally classy. She didn’t even address the Daily Mail’s accusations. She simply dismissed it as a rumor and asked her fans not to believe it.

For us, a picture like this is worth a thousand words.


We definitely want to hear more about the awesome work Lindsay is doing for refugees. We are so inspired by her compassion and warmth. This is such an important story, we don’t even care what other rumors might be swirling about the star. We just want to know more about this humanitarian mission of hers that is making her this happy. Just look at her!

Keep up the incredible work, Lindsay! We are loving it!

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