Lindsay Lohan is launching a makeup line soon, so commence freak-out

Chalk this up to something we did not see coming: Lindsay Lohan is planning to launch her own beauty line very soon. The actress revealed on a recent episode of The Wendy Williams Show that not only is she busy with her British show, Sick Note, as well as a variety of other Lohan-themed business ventures, but she’s working on a makeup collection as well.

This is exciting news for fans of the actress, though not especially surprising if you’ve kept up with her on social media. She’s always been glamorous, but she’s stepped it up a notch in recent months — girlfriend looks fantastic.

Lindsay mentioned to Wendy that she’s working on a lipstick line, and now we’re scouring her old photos to see evidence of a possible new lipstick. Is it possible she’s surreptitiously given us a sneak peek and we don’t even know it?

Judging from a photo of the makeup line mock-ups that she shared on The Wendy Williams Show, it looks like we can expect a face powder, some highlighter, and a few lipsticks when it finally comes time to release her line.

What do you think about a Lindsay Lohan makeup line? We are curious to see if she’ll be partnering with a big brand to release her products as a collaborative effort or if she’s developing them on her own as part of a new brand.


Would you be excited about a Lindsay Lohan makeup collection?

She seems very put together and focused on her work, and Wendy agrees. We’re excited about her new opportunities! Lindsay definitely has our attention with this announcement, and we’ll be looking out for sneak peeks and product teases.

You can never have too much lipstick, and if Lindsay makes it possible for us to grow our collection, then we’re thrilled. We’ll definitely be staying tuned.

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