Lindsay Lohan just got cast in a new British comedy

She’s been pretty quiet in the media these days, but pretty soon, you’ll be seeing her make headlines once again — for a good reason. Lindsay Lohan was just cast in a comedy that’s also starring Rupert Grint, and it seems like this may serve as quite the comeback for the young actress.

The show is called Sick Note, and even though season one has yet to air, Lohan has been cast for a spot during the show’s second season. The show will be featured on a network called Sky. Focused around an insurance representative named Daniel Glass, played by Grint, the comedy is all about a misdiagnosis that Glass receives from a doctor — and his willingness to keep up the ruse to his friends and family.

 Lohan will be starring as Katerina West, the daughter of Glass’s boss. Her season is expected to air in 2018, while the first season will be hitting the network this fall.

Judging by this photo, taken on location, Lohan looks truly stunning.

Lohan has been living in England since 2012. While she originally moved there for work, notably a play called Speed-the-Plow, she’s managed to stay put — with a few trips to New York here and there.

So, it’s a good thing she’s decided to check out acting gigs that are a bit more local. Sick Note is also backed by other talents, like Nick Frost and Don Johnson. Based on the cast and the overall funny premise, we know this is a show we don’t want to miss.

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