Jonathan Bennett’s Christmas Wish: Co-star In A Holiday Movie With Lindsay Lohan

We can see it now: "On December 25th, he asked me what day it was."

Hold onto your stockings, because a Jonathan Bennett x Lindsay Lohan Christmas movie crossover could be in our near future. While out promoting Hallmark’s “Countdown to Christmas,” Bennett was eager to share what he’s asking Santa Clause for Christmas this year. Oh boy, do we hope he’s on the nice list!

“My dream and my goal is to get to do a Christmas movie with [Lindsay] Lohan and reconnect for the holidays,” the self-professed “King of Christmas” told People at the event. “I think it would be so much fun!”

In recent years, Bennett has cemented himself as a Christmas movie icon. His holiday movie resume includes The Christmas House, Christmas Made to Order, and A Dogwalker’s Christmas Tale. He and Mean Girls co-star Lacey Chabert even teamed up for Hallmark Channel’s Elevator Girl.

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Now that his Mean Girls love interest is getting into the Christmas movie spirit as well, Bennett sees it as a perfect opportunity to recreate one of his favorite scenes from the 2004 comedy.

“I would totally do the ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ in the movie with her,” Bennett told People of the iconic dance.

On Nov. 10, Lohan made her return to the small screen in Netflix’s Falling For Christmas. She plays a spoiled heiress whose memory is left impaired by a skiing accident. With the help of a cute, widowed lodge owner, she races against the clock to recover her memories before Dec. 25.

When it comes to LiLo and Christmas movies, one could argue, “she doesn’t even go here!” However, Bennett believes the more, the merrier.

“As the self-proclaimed King of Christmas, I, with my authority, graciously welcome Lindsay Lohan into the Christmas movie world, and I hereby declare this year, Lindsay Lohan’s Christmas year,” the actor said.

He also had some advice for his longtime friend: “I think the best advice is that when the fans come up to you and tell you about how much these movies mean to them, take the time to listen and hear their stories because it’s just going to make you want to do more of them.”

Is Dec. 25th the new Oct. 3rd? Only time will tell, but we are definitely here for it!

Emily Weaver
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