Lindsay Lohan might be launching a jewelry line, and we honestly are all for it

Lindsay Lohan has been busy since moving to Europe, opening a luxury club in Greece, and starring in plays in London. But now she wants to take on fashion. Yes, friends, Lindsay Lohan might be launching a jewelry line and we have to admit — we sort of can’t wait. Lohan’s spent a lot of time in the spotlight and has definitely experienced some ups and downs, but this might be her calling. If anything has been consistent about Lohan over the past years, it’s definitely her fashion taste, and bringing some Lohan-inspired bangles and earrings into the world is a great idea. You sort of can’t go wrong when it comes to jewelry. If she’s not definitely launching a line, she should give it some serious thought, in our humble opinions.

We say “might” because, well, you can never be truly certain about anything when it comes to celebs like Lohan. But we do know a few things. From Cannes, the star posted a picture of herself on a yacht, wearing a cartilage earring. She tagged it, “blessed, #chakra #LohanJewelry.” Another picture, with Lohan in a pink Balmain, uses the same hashtag. According to The New York Post‘s Page Six, a rep for Lohan only said, “Something’s in the works!”

A possible tease for Lohan’s jewelry line?

#LohanJewelry, but no jewelry in the picture…

But that’s all the info we have for now. Lohan historically can be a little cryptic on social media, using her networks to promote causes she’s into and even have it out with her ex-boyfriends. There’s not really enough information to work with in these posts, and it could be that she’s simply workshopping the idea. If that’s the case, though, let it be known: Lindsay, we’re all about an accessory line. Bring on the bracelets.

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