Lindsay Lohan turns 30 (!!!) today and she just wished herself a happy birthday on Instagram

Yes, you read that right. Our very own Lindsay Lohan just turned the big 3-0, and she is celebrating this milestone birthday in style!

She posted this picture on her Instagram wishing herself a very happy birthday, and captioned it with lots of festive captions.

The birthday girl is living her best life yet, and is working hard at keeping healthy and busy. She has relocated to London recently and spent her birthday rubbing elbows with fellow celebrities.

Even though it seems impossible that the same irresistibly fresh face that starred in Parent Trap, Mean Girls, and Freaky Friday can be turning 30 (and making some of us feel very old), it seems like Lindsay is already slaying in her third decade.

She told Vanity Fair 30 feels great, and “I am in a wonderful place in life and look forward to the near and far future and projects that I am working on.” After all, says Lindsay, age is merely a number.

She also divulged some big things in her near future, like a book, starting her own charity, and….GASP… having some babies of her own. Lindsay is engaged to Russian businessman Egor Tarabasov and the two look happier than ever. They would make the cutest babies in the universe.

Lindsay is spending her birthday with Egor and family and friends in Greece, and says, of this birthday, “I thought I would be hiding when I realized I was turning 30! It’s different because the way I live my life is different, which I am very grateful for.”

It seems like Lindsay is doing some major life assessment and we couldn’t be happier for her. HBD LiLo!!!!

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