Lindsay Lohan just updated her hair in a major way

And when we say updated, we mean changed her hair in a major way that’s actually kind of a throwback and we’re SUPER SUPER SUPER obsessed with it. Did we mention — SUPER obsessed? Like, super. Recently, Lindsay Lohan made some changes, dying her hair red, and totally grabbing our emotions in a chokehold by bringing us back to our days of watching The Parent Trap on VHS so many times that it needed to be replaced at least twice. (We still think that whether or not you identified most with Annie or Haley tells others more about your personality than MOST THINGS.)

Behold, Lindsay Lohan with red hair the brightest we remember it since her Parent Trap days.

Obviously, Lindsay has spent a lot of time as a red head. She had red hair as Cady Heron and also in Freaky Friday, two of her other more well-known roles, but recently she’s been blonde. Not to say that we don’t love Lindsay any way she chooses to wear her hair, but something about the quick switch between the two just made us feel so nostalgic.

Then again, maybe this has something to do with the fact that Lindsay is clearly ready and willing to audition for a role in The Little Mermaid:

We also know that there have been whispers of a Mean Girls reunion circulated by Lindsay herself, but since she’s back to her classic ginge status anyway… we’re just sayin’, we’d love to see what Annie and Haley are up to.

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