Lindsay Lohan had some feelings about Ariana Grande’s makeup on Instagram, and fans were not pleased

Clearly, 2016 is not going to get out of here without stirring up as much trouble as possible. In the latest edition of Drama We Didn’t See Coming, Lindsay Lohan talked about Ariana Grande’s makeup on Instagram. According to Cosmo, the “Side to Side” singer posted a snapshot of herself with Live and Maddie star Dove Cameron hanging out on the set of Hairspray Live. Unfortunately, petty would prevail over Grande’s cute, innocent photo, which sparked a real-life Mean Girls moment when Lohan crept in the comments and wrote, “Too much makeup.”

Needless to say, Arianators went crazy after Lohan’s diss, which has us scratching our heads, tbqh.

If that wasn’t enough to side-eye the hell outta Lohan, Huffington Post points out that she actually left the same comment on two other selfies that Grande posted on Instagram.

What is the deal here? Who knew so much drama could be caused by a simple photo of two women working together on a movie set who also happen to be wearing makeup? Seriously, with women facing so many people who are dead-set on tearing us down for our looks, our smiles (or lack thereof), our makeup choices and other BS, it sucks to see this happen.

We’re not really sure what prompted this rude comment, but we’d rather hear more updates about Lohan’s fab new hair color or even more of her made-up accent. Both are infinitely better than her trolling other celebs on Instagram.