Lindsay Lohan tweeted at Emma Stone about a “Mean Girls 2” collab, and that’s so fetch

In an interview late last year, Lindsay Lohan said she really wanted Mean Girls 2 to happen, revealing she was even working on getting Tina Fey on board. And she’s so determined to see it happen that she even has started recruiting the next generation of Plastics on Twitter.

Lindsay tweeted at Emma Stone with some Mean Girls 2 ideas last night, and it certainly seems like she’s got some big concepts in the works.

In a since-deleted Instagram post of photos of Lindsay next to similar shots of Emma (many from another teen comedy sensation, Easy A, no less), the actress asked Emma if they could film a sequel to the 2004 classic together. false

Never mind that Mean Girls 2 exists and is currently on Netflix, and never mind that Emma Stone doesn’t have a Twitter account or an Instagram account…we’re totally here for Lindsay creating an updated version of Cady, Gretchen, Karen, and Regina’s life as adults.

It seems like Lindsay is quite busy these days, having revealed she’s got multiple projects in the works. This week, she also launched her lifestyle website called Preemium, and she’s currently filming a role in a new British comedy series called Sick Note.

We can’t wait to hear more about what ideas Lindsay has for Emma’s character — we could totally see them playing cousins or even besties. Emma, give Lindsay a call so you guys can create the epic sequel that Mean Girls deserves!

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