Lindsay Lohan just posted the ultimate throwback Dubsmash

If you’re not already familiar with Lindsay Lohan’s Instagram, do yourself a favor and follow her immediately — her feed is a thing of wonder, beauty, confusion, and hilarity.

She likes to tag herself in her selfies, which could be the most genius self-promotional move ever.

And she sometimes posts absolutely incomprehensible musings on life. (Or are they cryptic messages we plebes can’t understand?)

Or announces her campaign for president. #Lohan2020!

Today, La Lohan posted a Dubsmash that will immediately warm all ’90s girls’ hearts. Here, she lip syncs to HERSELF as Hallie/Annie from The Parent Trap.

Remember that? It’s in the revenge scene, after Hallie and her friends have rigged Annie’s bunk with a Rube Goldberg-like system that triggers all sorts of nasty substances: honey, shaving cream, and the kicker, a giant bucket of chocolate syrup. Lindsay’s lip sync starts at the 2:43 mark in this clip:

Thank you, Lindsay, for revisiting our favorite characters of our girlhoods. Stay classy.

(Images via Instagram / Disney; Disney / Tumblr)

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