Lindsay Lohan celebrated “Mean Girls” Day in a really silly way, is making us smile

Although Lindsay Lohan hasn’t been having a great couple of days after losing part of her finger in a boating accident, she’s making the most of the fact that October 3rd is none other than Mean Girls Day. While she certainly has to be in pain, she was still able to joke about Mean Girls Day on Instagram and make fans laugh alongside her. Could there possibly be a better gift on such a historic holiday? (We don’t think so.)

It’s awesome when celebs join in on the fandoms of their beloved films and despite Lohan having a pretty traumatic time — ya know, losing part of a finger and all — she was oh-so down to acknowledge unofficial Mean Girls Day. This shouldn’t necessarily come as a surprise since Cady Heron is one of her most iconic characters and since she’s shown her support of Mean Girls in the past on social media.

But regardless, Lohan gets extra props this time around for making the best out of a day that would make many of us hide underneath our covers in the name of recovery.

In her Instagram post, Lohan shared a text exchange between her and friend Laura Slater, who apparently tried to trick Cady herself into admitting what day it is, to see if she’d recognize the significance. If you’ve been following these October 3rd antics, then you should know this isn’t the first time Lohan and Slater exchanged Mean Girls Day-themed texts.

Last year, Slater (succesfully) got her with this tricky calendar question.

Before sharing Slater’s post, Lohan actually gave fans another October 3rd-themed post about her finger since she shared a “one handed selfie” earlier in the day with the hashtag #whatdayisit.

On October 3rd in Mean Girls, Aaron asked Cady what day it was, but on October 3rd in real life, LiLo made Mean Girls fans love her even more than before. With such an excellent sense of humor about her finger, she should hopefully recover swiftly from her injury and be all healed by the time the next Mean Girls Day rolls around.

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