Lindsay Lohan’s Bali vacation pics are the stuff of our most relaxing dreams

Sometimes, you just gotta take a time out. That’s what Lindsay Lohan just did, and luckily for us Lohan shared some vacation snaps on Instagram! Warning: You might start to feel a teensy bit jealous.

As we know she’s writing a book about how to overcome personal obstacles, and judging by these serene pictures from Bali, she’s in serious self-reflection mode.

Let’s all remember that 30-year-old Lohan has had a pretty jam-packed life. She was only 11 in The Parent Trap, and has been in the public eye ever since. Not to mention she’s had her fair share of substance, family, and legal troubles.

"Travelling sometimes leaves you speechless and in that silence, it leads you to greatness with a lot of stories to tell. - Lindsay Lohan (book coming soon) #🙏 #sesehbeachvillas."

Phew. This place is breathtaking and we’re wishing we could be airlifted there right now. That gorgeous view. That heavenly pool. Even the grass looks perfect!

"Take time for yourself today. Breathe. Switch your mind off & create your vision for your future."

Okay ummmmmmmm. WANT NEED TO GO TO THERE.

What we wouldn’t give to dive in for a swim right now!

"Namaste 🙏 appreciate the beauty of the good things in life today. Share some wisdom & love with a friend who needs it."

And here’s a photo of the relaxed  lady herself:

Glad you’re taking some time out for self-care Lindsay! It looks good on you!

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