Why Linda Belcher is everything I aspire to be

Over the past month, I gave myself the greatest gift. That gift was binge watching Bob’s Burgers in its entirety. Only once at first, but then a second time once I realized that season six starts in less time than it would take Linda Belcher to drink half of four bottles of wine (September 27th!). While watching all 88 episodes that have aired (twice), I realized that Linda Belcher isn’t just my favorite character, she is everything I aspire to be. Some people may think it isn’t wise to view a cartoon character as a role model, but those haters can go fart in a phone booth. Here is why Linda Belcher is my personal hero.

1.) She loves unconditionally

Bob still has “peeing contests” with Jimmy Pesto. Tina writes epic erotic Friend Fiction. Gene makes music using primarily fart noises. Louise is basically a sociopath. Despite all of her family’s quirks, she loves each and every one of them unconditionally. She accepts all of their faults, their hubris, and their eccentricities without the blink of an eye. In fact, she overwhelms each of her family members with support for their individual endeavors. How many moms would not only be OK with her children setting up an ice pushing contest in the walk-in freezer, but would also encourage their enthusiasm for the sport by telling them to wear crazy costumes?

2.) She is 100% comfortable with herself

Have you ever seen Linda embarrassed? No. Linda owns everything about herself. She breaks into inspired song (despite Bob’s protests) whenever she feels like it. She knows how to have fun, and, most importantly, she isn’t afraid to do so. More often than not, women characters in sitcoms and comedies are often the “straight man” to their husband’s childish antics. Linda, on the other hand, knows how to get the party started.

3.) But she doesn’t mind a little competition. 

Just because you are comfortable in your own skin doesn’t mean that a little friendly competition won’t help you reach your highest potential. OK, so maybe Linda’s rivalry with Colleen Caviello isn’t the friendliest, but who doesn’t love a woman with a little spunk? Linda strives to be the best, whether it’s at cooking spaghetti dinners for Tina’s conflict resolution group or getting her high school band, the Ta-Ta’s, back together to show everyone who’s boss.

4.) She knows what is important in life.

If there were any other show about a struggling burger business, I can guarantee the wife of the restaurant owner would not be sympathetic with a lifestyle that is basically living from check to check. It would be a drama. With sweet angel Linda Belcher, however, she is just happy to be able to live, even if it is a bit bare bones at time, because she is surrounded by the people she loves: her family.

5.) So. Much. Passion.

Sometimes I feel like the millennial generation takes a little too much comfort in this whole ironic detachment bit. It’s easy. It’s safe. Linda Belcher is anything but. When Linda convinced herself she was a psychic, she didn’t just dabble in it, she jumped into her “clairvoyance” head first. She coddles her porcelain baby collection as if they were actual living and breathing children. A lot of people could do with feeling as strongly about one thing as Linda Belcher does about every facet of her life.

Linda Belcher may be voiced by a man, but she is one of the most important women in my life. If you feel like judging me for saying that, well, you can just go and play your judgeridoo.

(Image courtesy of Fox)


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